The Stall Slayer Masterclass

This is more than just a book!

I’ve teamed up with the people at the Adapt Your Life Academy to create trustworthy, reliable, and effective education programs focused on ketogenic and low-carb diets. Check us out for actionable information, support, guidance, and troubleshooting so you can finally get the results you want.

Go beyond the book!

Want extra help to break your fat loss stall? Join the wait list for the Stall Slayer Masterclass, coming March 2021.

A whole course?

Yes! Reading is great, but some people learn best hearing someone say something or watching a presentation. With the Stall Slayer Masterclass, you get it all! Sign up for the course and I’ll walk you through the most effective ways to break a keto fat loss stall in 12 video lessons. Plus, you’ll get the entire book (pdf version), tips on mindset about losing weight on keto, and best of all, 3 weeks of dedicated support in a private, student-only Facebook group with weekly LIVE video sessions featuring me, along with an occasional appearance from world-renowned keto researcher Eric Westman, MD, director of the Keto Medicine Clinic at Duke University. (He’s also my co-author on our book, End Your Carb Confusion.)

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